Trying Julia Child’s Ratatouille

the veggies

The veggies always look so good when I first start cooking with them, before I cut them up. The only problem with this recipe, from the Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is that she doens’t always say how much in cups the veggies are, or how many veggies should be used. I suppose it is easier to just say how many pounds, but I don’t have scale, so that doesn’t help me.

cooking the veggies

Like the Indian version, things get cooked seperatly before they are mixed together.

I have skilled tomatoes before, but this recipe called for seeing and juicing them as well. You send up with pulp, which I did. The goal appeared to be as to get as much juice out of the tomato as possible. Not only before it went into the mix, but after it was in the mix. The recipe kept calling for all the juice to be absorbed.

The Indian version was very soupy, while this one seemed drier.

the finished product

Also,unless I missed something, there were no spices added other than salt and pepper.

Perhaps, if I had tried this one first, I would have found the Indian version odd, now I find this one odd.

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