Not going to the supermarket

One of the things I have managed to do, for the past week at least, is not step foot inside a market. I have cooked with what I had, or gotten from the Farmer’s Market or the CSA.

This is an amazing thing to try, and I know I will run out of flour, at some point, and yogurt (which means I’ll have to buy more milk), but for veggies, and fruit and even eggs, I am fine. It is that time of year when everything is in season, or so it seems, and there is a great bounty, and I can survive on what I buy at the Farmer’s Market.

I didn’t have all the spices I needed, but make it work.

I would be quite happy to not to ever go into a shop again for a while, but when winter comes, and there is no CSA, and only one day of farmer’s market, it will be harder.

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