No ants, at least for now

I know, you are tired of hearing of my ant problem, that began when I started cooking so much.

Well, this week, we have not had anything. We had tried everything, ant traps, cinnamon all over the place and taking my compost out every night. In fact, when the cleaning people came, I had to explain all the cinnamon spread all over the counters. They even cleaned it up, and put all the honey jars on a plate surrounded by cinnamon.

And, perhaps, it was a combination of everything. I have been very good about taking my compost out, or hanging it on my front door. I have been cleaning off the counter, and doing the dishes.

And not ants this week.

And I’m sure they will return, if I don’t keep dong all this, but for now, they are not bothering me and Cartoonist.

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