Doing Indian Ratatouille Again

I had to do it. I loved how the ratatouille turned out so much, I had to make it with orange juice, even though I didn’t think that it was going to make that big a difference. That, and the saffron, were the only things I hadn’t put in, and I really wanted to see how the taste would change with the orange juice. Well, that, and the hot peppers. I had used dried chillies before, but I thought if I was going to go to the trouble to do the orange juice, I would go to the trouble to do it with mildly hot peppers.

I bought about six or seven oranges, not knowing how much juice I would get out of them, and that was about right. I followed the recipe again, using the juice, and when I tasted the finished product, I was amazed. This worked a treat. The orange juice made the hotness of the pepper less hot, but still spicy.

So, this was going to be one of the meals I made for my sweetie and my mother when they came to town.

I ended up eating it the full week, for both lunch and dinner. I ran out of brown rice, and found that sushi rice worked just as well.

It was good both cold and hot.

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