When to put stuff in the compost

No, I am not actually going to give you a lecture about not putting bones and meat into the compost, rather I am talking about when your food is such a failure that you really are not going to eat it, nor is Cartoonist going to eat it, or your friends.

That was the conclusion on the raspberry muffins.

I tried eating them after they had cooled. I tried eating them the next day, but each time, it just wasn’t quite right.

So, I turned to Cartoonist, “Put it in the compost? I asked.

“Compost it,” she said, so that is what I did.

We have two big composts outside, in the front yard, with lids on them. Last time I put muffins that didn’t turn out, the raccoons got into them, tasted them, and left the rest. I will find out if they do the same with these, although I covered them with straw.

It seems so odd to throw things in that haven’t gone bad, and I suppose, if I was really living by my convictions, I would eat the damn things, no matter what the taste.

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