But I wanna make donuts

All last week, Cartoonist kept bugging me to make donuts. I was still working with the ratatouille, and wanted to make that, or the naan, or the muffins,and saw no reason to make donuts. It wasn’t something that we eat that often, so it wouldn’t be something were trying to replace.

But Cartoonist wasn’t thinking that way. She wanted to make them to give to her friends. Se wanted something sweet, but unusual.  She has made cookies by the ton for them, but never donuts, so I said, finally, ok, the next thing we will make is donuts, but we have to have the time, and I have to do the frying, because it gets very hot.

I still didn’t see what we were going to do with all the donuts, but then she reminded me that my sweetie and my mother were coming to visit, and that would be a good welcome.

She won the argument.

So, we ended up making donuts, which I will talk more about tomorrow.

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