Sometimes you have to buy lunch

Cartoonist went to school today with money, instead of food.  Yesterday, she did take her lunch, but didn’t have the lunch bag that I knitted her, and her little boxes spilled all over the floor of the car. I’m going to have to take it to the carwash to get the rice pudding picked up.

Today, she just said, while looking in the fridge, the heck with it.

And sometimes, I understand. It is hard top plan out meals a week in advance. I never said it was. Often during the week, we don’t have time to cook, although we cooked up a mess of stuff on Monday, which I will write about tomorrow. Two of the three things we cooked turned out, but they were all starches, and that doesn’t make for a good meal.

So, I told her, fine, eat out.

Sometimes you just have to give a little.

And then get back on the path again.

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