Pasta via a pasta maker


I got to use the pasta maker on some white rice flour pasta, and it turned out, resonantly well, for the first time out. :)

Pasta maker

I thought, wrongly, that this machine would do it all, flatten the dough, and make it into strips, and all that stuff. My sweetie, who got it for me, kept urging me to watch the youtube video on it. If you watch it, it will all make sense. But I hate watching instructions, i would rather read, so i read as much as i could, and it appears that what this does, at least the basic stuff, is flatten the dough.

And, here is the kicker, you have to let it go through several times, at smaller and smaller widths, so that it gets flatter. Easier than trying to do ti with a rolling pin, but not much nicer looking, just thinner.

Draining pasta

So, what was the verdict? Cartoonist like it enough to pack it in her lunch for school, and the marinara sauce I made seemed to help as well.

I even at a little of it when I was ill, but not too much, not knowing when I would be well again, and no knowing if Cartoonist would want to make anything on her own, while I was ill.

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