Putting it all together

Cartoonist's take on my cooking

Putting everything together may not seem hard to others but to my mom and i it was complete bloody murder!! Having guests this week has made it hard on us since for some reason or other none of them really know how to cook, leaving us to provide and make food for them. As a going away or last good meal before you leave party thing we decided to make pasta with sauce and salad. Course my mom hasn’t ever made a full fledged meal all at once. She always just made maybe a pasta thing here, sauce there. But never all at once..My mom went nuts.

4 hours…thats how long it took..FOUR BLOODY HOURS!!! just to make pasta, sauce, salad, and meatballs. We were going to make it vegetarian but NOOOOO someone wanted MEAT! MANLY MEATY MEAT!! Not to mention we both tired from running around with my grandma to pick up all the blasted ingredients!! After all of it was done we were finally ready to taste it all. Course her sweetie asked if the pasta was fully cooked which was a BIIGG red flag right there. The rest of the evening felt like judging in “Iron Chef America”.

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