Not making Apple Cake, again

apple sauce

I have made, what, four apple cakes, and none of them have turned out.


But I still had a bunch of apples, so I pulled out Baby Cakes again, determined that perhaps this one last time, something from their cookbook would turn out the way I expected.

Cartoonist saw the book, and said, no, you are not going to make another apple cake, and you are not going to do it from Baby Cakes.

OK, I said, the continued, getting the apples ready to roast.

But as I read the recipe, I realized that I really just wanted to make apple sauce, and not from that book, but from the Jewish Holiday Treats, which is much easier, and I have done many times before.

  • Cut up the apples
  • put in water
  • put in some sugar
  • put in some cinnamon

Sorry to be so vague here, but I always wing it when I make it. I use up about four to six apples, but could be more, depending on their size. Sometimes I throw in pears.

Funny thing, was, when it was done, Cartoonist tried it on the apple cake I had made the other day, and said it worked, that perhaps that was one of the things it was missing.

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