Making Polenta the right way, makes a difference

Cartoonist asked, the other day, if it made a difference when you added things in a recipe, or how you added them, and I said sometimes.

And now, I am saying, wow, it makes a big difference in making polenta.

The few times I have have made polenta on the stove top (I have also made it in the slow cooker), it has been grainy, and ok, but I have not been able to do anything with it. Reason, I was cooking it wrong.  I would dump the water and corn meal into the pot at the same time, and cook them, and not understand why it wouldn’t come out quite right. It would get thick, but stay grainy.

Yesterday, I decided to make the Polenta Lasagna again, and do it right. (I will write more on that tomorrow), and the first thing I decided to do was to follow the directions on how to make polenta.

Here is the way you do so. Put the water on the stove and boil it first, before you put the polenta in. I figured, why not, and did that, and by gosh, it came out smooth, and when I spread it out on the backing pan to cool, it didn’t fall apart when I scooped it up later to make the lasagna.

Wow, what a concept, following directions. What will they come up with next?

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