Trying to make Gluten Free Bread

I don’t have photos of this, because I did this a few weeks ago, but I thought I would talk about this anyway.

I’ve been trying to be glutton free, because I notice that when I am, I have an easier time breathing.  However, trying to make glutton free bread is a bit like trying to make water dry. The bread rises because of the glutton, and without it, it tends to be a heavy dense brick, as I discovered the first time I tried to make it. It was very dense, and very heavy, and my daughter and her friends thought it was so funny they tossed it about like a  football.

The next time, I used different flour, rye flour, because I thought, what the heck. I liked the taste of it, and I added Xyanth Gum, and rice flour, and wonder of wonders it rose. It was only later, when I was bragging that I had made a glutton free bread that wasn’t a brick, that my accountant pointed out that rye had glutton in it the same way wheat did.


The good news is that I am using the Broccoli Forest as my guide, and it gives a very good description of what you can and cannot do when putting bread together.

So, I will try again, probably with rice flour next.

Or perhaps I’ll grind up all the left over garbanzo beans that I have, and make a flour of that.

My daughter, cartoonist, decided to draw herself with the bread. Here is her rendition.

Cartoonist hands the blump of bread off

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