Making veggies for breakfast

So, what do you eat for breakfast when you are trying to go off eggs?

For me, I have been having eggs for the longest time for breakfast, in all different forms, but eggs just the same.

So, it was a bit of a jolt to consider something else.  For a while, I used to eat Turkey Bacon, but that is processed,a nd of course I am trying to avoid those things. For a while I was eating granola with yogurt, but I burned out on that. Cartoonist likes pancakes, but I do not. So what is there left?


I have been making a mini-stir fry for breakfast every morning for the past two weeks. I cut up onions, and then whatever other veggie I think might be good. This morning it was red peppers, and fingerling potatoes with my onions.

Very good, and very filling.

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