Welcome to the Home Page for the Wimmin's Music Program KKUP 91.5 FM

Broadcast live, weekly from 11am-1pm, Sundays (Pacific Standard Time)

Laura at the controls

Welcome to the Wimmin's Music Program Home Page

The Wimmin's music program has been hosted by Laura and Tina since March of 1989, on KKUP 91.5 FMCupertino. Tina, who is on the third Sunday of the month, specializes in Women and Rock.

Laura, who is on all other times, specializes in local, and national wimmins musicians in mostly the folk genre, which is where wimmin's music came from, but will branch out into spiritual, blues and country. At noon, she broadcasts WINGS, the Women's International News Gathering Service.. She often has frequent live guest both in studio and by phone of authors, activities and musicians. If you look closely, in the lower left hand corner, is Ani DiFranco's album "Dilate". Just one example of the sort of music Laura plays on the show.

For International Women's Day, in March, all of the women at the station hold a one-two day musical and spoken special on KKUP.Check out what we did this year.

Upcoming guests include: a phone interview with California Assemblywoman Carole Migden November 2 at 12:30pm

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